Most funds plunge as TSP continues 2020 downward trend

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This has not been a good year for TSP returns so far, as February continued the downward trend begun in January. The G fund and F fund were the only ones to remain in the black last month, though both dropped slightly from the previous month. Every other fund dropped into the red.

The government securities investment G fund, though still positive, posted the lowest returns in at least two years with 0.13%. That’s down from 0.17% in January. The fixed income investment F fund also dropped slightly, from 1.91% in January to 1.82% in February. Both funds’ year-to-date returns also remain in the black, at 0.30% and 3.77%, respectively. The G fund has posted 2.10% returns over the last 12 months, while the F fund has posted 11.66%.

The stocks did not fare as well. The common stock index investment C fund took the biggest plunge, from -0.04% in January to -8.24% in February. That brought its year-to-date returns down to -8.28%, though its returns over the last 12 months remains positive, at 8.16%.

The next biggest drop occurred in the small capitalization stock index S fund, which fell from -0.62% to -8.01%. That dragged its YTD returns down to -8.58%. It was also the only fund to post negative returns for the last 12 months, at -0.17%.

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The international stock index I fund did not escape either, posting returns of -7.74%. It also has the lowest YTD at 10.25%, and its performance over the last 12 months is barely still positive at 0.55%.

The Lifecycle funds also fell into negative territory, ranging from -1.52% for the L Income fund, to -6.39% for the L 2050. Each is also in the negative for YTD returns, from -1.51% for L Income to -7.06% for L 2050. All of the Lifecycle funds did, however, remain in the black over the last 12 months.

Thrift Savings Plan — Feb. 2020 Returns
FundFebruaryYear-to-DateLast 12 Months
G fund0.13%0.30%2.10%
F fund1.82%3.77%11.66%
C fund-8.24%-8.28%8.16%
S fund-8.01%-8.58%-0.17%
I fund-7.74%-10.25%0.55%
L Income-1.52%-1.51%3.24%
L 2020-1.76%-1.77%3.69%
L 2030-4.65%-5.08%4.31%
L 2040-5.58%-6.14%4.54%
L 2050-6.39%-7.06%4.65%

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